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Customer Advisory:

The Docket

Risk Management and Insurance to Protect Your Firm

By John Davidson - June 29, 2017

Without question, the legal profession is exceptionally well equipped to understand and appreciate the intricacies surrounding first and third party liability. However, with the demands of their clients consuming much of their time, they are often unable to dedicate the necessary attention to protecting the practice they have worked so hard to build. John Davidson, VP of Sales and Operations at TriMountain Corporation, was recently invited to write an article for the Denver Bar Association addressing this very issue.

This article was published in the June/July edition of The Docket, and we are pleased to provide a copy here:

For more information concerning risk management and insurance for professionals, please contact John directly at 720-708-4155 or by email at

​Cyber Ransom Attacks Increased Over 10% in 2016

March 22, 2017

Cyber ransom and extortion, is a growing trend in context of overall cyber attacks. According to Check Point’s Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report, ransom attacks increased from 5% to over 10% of all malware attacks during the second half of 2016.

Hackers use ransom malware to take over a system and hold it hostage. They demand payment, and threaten to delete or share your information publicly. Typically, the cost is low enough to make it more effective to simply pay the ransom in lieu of losing valuable or sensitive data, paying fines, or risking reputational damage.
In its report, Check Point identifies the most common types of ransom malware as Conficker, Sality, Cutwail, JBossJMX and Locky.  In addition, the most common type of mobile malware is Hummingbad, which accounted for 60% of all attacks on Android phones or devices.
The main source of ransom attacks begin with spam and target phishing emails.
For more information, please see:  Roi Perez "Check Point: Ransomware % of malware doubled in second half of 2016." (Feb. 21, 2017).

2016 Thanksgiving

By Chris Eldrege - November 23, 2016

It was a short 227 years ago that George Washington delivered his infamous Thanksgiving proclamation and designated November 26th, 1789 as "a day of public thanksgiving . . ."   This, the first of presidential proclamations, was artfully recommended to the people of the United States.  While it was not implemented with the force of law this quintessentially American tradition has lived on for over two centuries.

We at TriMountain Corp wish you, your families and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!