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Cyber Insurance: Price of a Hack (Planet Money)

A story that helps explain the role of cyber insurance for businesses

By John Davidson - January 8, 2019

I am an avid NPR and Planet Money podcast listener. Why? Well, it is always fun to learn more about the economy- plus the presenters take complex 'subjects' and present them in an easily accessible form or story.

This week I was listening to the recent Planet Money podcast about cyber insurance (episode #886 The Price of a Hack), and I almost stopped dead in my tracks. It was the perfect way to help my clients better hear/lean about the impact of cyber insurance, because it was told in story form- not in  wonky legal insurance speak. After listening to it, I was so excited I even ran upstairs to tell my wife, who is a saint because she always listens to my geeky insurance stories (for the record she is an artist and way cooler that I am in every way). 

In any event, if you are curious about cyber insurance, interested in how to plan for a hack, or just love economic stories, check it out. The link is below: episode-886-the-price-of-a-hack