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How AI Might Be Changing Healthcare:

Predictive Tools Advance Options

ByJohn Davidson - January 26, 2024

The US Healthcare Industry is complicated to say the least- especially as it continues to grow and accounts for almost 17% of total GDP. Thus, as health related companies are looking to make the burden of repetitive and complex transactions easier, they are starting to test artificial intelligence (AI) for applications across their business units.

In a recent article posted on The Doctors Company website, the author names the uphill battle that AI will have to become a larger part of the industry. However, they also suggest that AI offers many benefits in areas like prediction analysis of staff retention and the adoption of AI for repetitive and predictable tasks like coding and billing.

The article also shares that Dr. Erik Bryonjolfsson, PHD, says “physician’s needn’t worry about their job security, at least for now.” Because while AI is great at small repetitive tasks, it lacks the ability to integrate and work at a higher level of cognitive function.
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