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News Posts from TriMountain Corp

Top Industries for Cyber Claims Over the Past 10 Years

Healthcare is Top of the List for Cyber Claims

By John Davidson - April 24, 2018

Top Industries for Cyber Claims Over the Past 10 Years
According to a recent risk management and insurance study by Chubb Insurance, Healthcare remains the number one affected industry for cyber related claims and attacks (38% of all claims). Following healthcare, the industries of Professional Services (16%), Technology (12%), and Retail (11%) are the next most targeted. 

For more information about the study, see Chubb's resource center:

Electronic Health Record Study Reveals Increase in Malpractice Claims

EHR Claims from 2014-2016

By John Davidson - November 27, 2017

Electronic Health Record Study Reveals Increase in Malpractice Claims
In a closed claim study of Electronic Health Records (EHR), The Doctors Company found that the number of EHR claims rose from 2 in 2007 to over 66 between July 2014 and December 2016. The study also found that 50% of the claims were caused by 'system factors' (such as "failure of drug or clinical decision support alerts") and 58% of claims were caused by 'user factors' (such as "copying and pasting progress notes").

The study also found that there was an increase in the the number of EHR claims occurring in patient rooms, and fewer that occurred in clinic or doctor's offices. The study also showed that diagnosis related allegations were the most common (32%). 

If you would like to read the study, visit: 

Information used with permission

2017 Thanksgiving

By Chris Eldrege - November 22, 2017

2017 Thanksgiving

It was a short 228 years ago that George Washington delivered his infamous Thanksgiving proclamation and designated November 26th, 1789 as "a day of public thanksgiving . . ."   This, the first of presidential proclamations, was artfully recommended to the people of the United States.  While it was not implemented with the force of law this quintessentially American tradition has lived on for over two centuries.

We at TriMountain Corp wish you, your families and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!