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News Posts from TriMountain Corp

Healthcare's Biggest Cyber Challenge: Human Error

A Recent Study Shows That Most Breaches Are Caused By Employees

By John Davidson - October 20, 2017

Healthcare's Biggest Cyber Challenge: Human Error
Breaches of Protected Health Information (PHI) have been in the news a lot lately. In a recent report by Beazley (a specialty risk insurance company), it shows that 41% of data breaches are the restult of unintended disclosure (human error). 

Human Error is almost twice the level of the second highest cause of loss, which is from a 'hack or malware' (19%). 

The third highest cause of loss is when employees snoop in patients files without permission or a work reason (15%), which again show the need for increased training and contols. 

According to the study the average settlements for PHI breaches increased to $1.8M in 2016-17, compared to $1M in 2014-15. 

For more information, check out the Beazely Study: 


Major Concerns of Healthcare Providers in the USA

Survey information

By John Davidson - October 9, 2017

Major Concerns of Healthcare Providers in the USA
In a recent survey of healthcare providers, industry leaders were asked their major concerns in three areas: 1. Organizational Concerns 2. Transformation Concerns, and Healthcare Technologies. Below are the top 5 results in each area: 
Top 5 Organizational Concerns Chart:
Chart of healthcare concerns by percentage 
Top 5 Transformation Concerns Chart:
Chart with top five transformation healthcare concerns by percentage
Highest Risks of Healthcare Technologies Chart:
Highest risks of healthcare technologies by percentage

This survey was conducted by The Doctors Company at their annual healthcare summit in 2017. For more information about the survey, or assistance for your physician group contact John Davidson at 720-708-4155 or Click here for the details of the full survey.


The Docket

Risk Management and Insurance to Protect Your Firm

By John Davidson - June 29, 2017

The Docket
Without question, the legal profession is exceptionally well equipped to understand and appreciate the intricacies surrounding first and third party liability. However, with the demands of their clients consuming much of their time, they are often unable to dedicate the necessary attention to protecting the practice they have worked so hard to build. John Davidson, VP of Sales and Operations at TriMountain Corporation, was recently invited to write an article for the Denver Bar Association addressing this very issue.

This article was published in the June/July edition of The Docket, and we are pleased to provide a copy here:

For more information concerning risk management and insurance for professionals, please contact John directly at 720-708-4155 or by email at